Spout Springs had another great year at the Hall County Regional Technology Competition.  We had five 1st Place projects, five 2nd Place projects, and two 3rd Place projects.  Congratulations students!!! Winners were as follows:

Aaron Pancake- 1st Place in 3rd/4th Grade Animation

Brady Woodward- 1st Place in 3rd/4th Place Video Production

Isabella Broccoli- 1st Place in 5th/6th Grade Animation

Haley Moon and Anna Kate Kelly- 1st Place in 5th/6th Grade Multimedia Applications

Jeff Wall- 1st Place in 3rd/4th Grade Device Modification

*All of these 1st Place winners will represent Hall County when they compete at the State Technology Competition on March 10th.

Other winners:

Brooks Recinella and Landon Wingate- 2nd Place in 3rd/4th Grade Game Design

Nora Ragsdale- 2nd Place in 3rd/4th Grade Digital Photography

Jackson Pirkle- 2nd Place in 3rd/4th Grade Internet Applications

Hannah Davis- 2nd Place in 5th/6th Grade Mobile Applications

Audrey Graham and Caitlin Greeson- 2nd Place 3rd/4th Grade Audio Production

Savannah Colbert- 3rd Place  3rd/4th Grade Graphic Design

James Rivenbark and Arya Chawla- 3rd Place in 5th/6th Grade Robotics